SRBC Mapping Applications

GIS Lookup

  • Input a location in the Susquehanna River Basin by entering coordinates, typing an address, or clicking on the map
  • Return a wide variety of geographical information for the following categories: political, geology, hydrological, and recreation
  • HTML5 browsers with location sharing can map your approximate location

Susquehanna Atlas

  • View basinwide or subbasin specific base maps such as land use/land cover, soils, geology, precipitation, and major watersheds
  • View maps from current Commission projects such as Subbasin Surveys, Low Flow Monitoring, TMDL, West Branch AMD Remediation Strategy, and more
  • Download GIS datasets and metadata created by the Commission

Mine Drainage Portal

  • Use the search tools to build queries based on geography to view, graph and download sampling and discharge location data
  • Map sampling and discharge locations, impaired streams, and abandoned mine lands
  • Zoom to area of interest and select stations or filter parameter results on the map

Remote Water Quality Monitoring Network (RWQMN)

  • Create custom graphs, statistics and query raw data for real-time water quality data at selected monitoring stations
  • Hover over monitoring stations on the map to view real-time water quality data
  • Use the map to zoom to an area of interest and find nearby monitoring stations

Water Quality Portal (WQP)

  • Build queries to assess and track water quality conditions in the basin
  • View sampling stations collecting fish, water chemistry, macroinvertebrate, and habitat data
  • Zoom to area of interest and select stations on the map or in the data viewer for site information and sampling results

Water Application and Approval Viewer (WAAV)

  • Search for water permit approvals and applications, or subscribe to RSS feeds to receive electronic notices
  • View a map of approved and pending water permit locations, impaired streams, and aquatic resource classes
  • Zoom to area of interest and select permits for site information